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Happy 4th! ❤️🇺🇸✨ ._._._#america #pnw #

My background in fashion started with extensive experience in retail management, buying and merchandising. After completing my degree in studio art I focused on getting even more experience in the fashion industry. The work I've done in fashion design and production have given me a lot of the tools that I use on a daily basis for personal styling. After working for a styling agency in Boston, MA, where my experience in styling was refined and perfected, my husband and I moved to Colorado. I couldn't be more excited and grateful to be such a beautiful area where I can enjoy the outdoors as well as be a part of such a driven creative community! My personal philosophy regarding fashion is that quality always trumps quantity and that everyone deserves to look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks. I believe in staying true to personal style and educating individuals about different ways to create a more enhanced look based on their specific needs. My styling experience is extremely well rounded and I am able to accommodate any size, shape, age and gender. This is what I love to do and there's nothing more rewarding than helping people feel amazing! 

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